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Love them, agree same as all the others reviews+++ airpots with the hyper own brand nutes and feed highly recommended. I used all the local shops and this is THE ONE for me. Try this shop you won’t swop back!

Andy Mcollough

I would like to say thanks to kim and her amazing staff at greenlite for telling me about there spiffing triffids plant feed and fertilizer range but major thanks for suggesting spiffing triff hyper nove i was using canna and hyper nove smashed canna results amazing 10 out of 10 thanks again.

James Gorvett

Top company with Top products with good pricing. With Good knowledgeable staff that wont fob you off with any jibber jabber, they know what’s good and what’s not. Want a great Hydroponic shopping experience? then what are you waiting for? Get shopping at Gloucestershire Hydroponics. +++

Depaq Herbie Kush Xaini

Most helpful and generous grow shop team that I have ever encountered. If you need help and advice and friendly welcome this is the shop to come too. Best in the West!

Lizzie Davies

Great staff & instant replies some really nice quality merchandise well worthy off a look and not to mention top notch comps.

Helen Ure

Very helpful and knowledgeable as always! I will never go anywhere else. They are absolute stars!

Jenandrusty Tea

At last there is a friendly, competent place to come in Gloucestershire! Caring and helpful staff who are so friendly and knowledgeable. Well done.5 stars well deserved.

Lisa Jenkinson

Green light hydroponics “is the best” horticulture store i’ve been to a long time, i’ve been to a lot of other flower shops none with the friendly help and advice which is helped on a mad scale! i would recommend this store to everyone I went to the other place in cheltenham and they killed my mums tomatoes with bad advice which left me very upset! with the help of green light a couple plants were saved which saved me from depression.

Dexter Junior

Absolutely AMAZING shop, well worth a visit.

John D. Huggins

I couldn’t have got my garden going so well without them they have great advice and knowledge. Their own organic brand called Hypernova and spiffing triffids smashed canna and i won’t be swapping back – go to there shop – best in the west.

Ian Emery

Awsome site,really cheap prices,mix n match equipment to make a full set-up and wicked customer service!

James Parker

Superb! Great products and Great knowledgeable staff. Got a query? These guys will point you in the right direction, No Bull.

Raj Singh

Very helpful shop. Great staff with good knowledge. Great range of products. Even Breyer to see their home brand ‘nova’ highly recommended :)

KrushFm Gloucester

Dealt with these guys a few times not only a great service but very cheerful on the phone and always top quality stuff plus they were very helpful helping me get ma first grow kit ppl so if your thinking of using these guys ad advise you to go ahead guys!! There stuff is top quality and cheep for being quality products!! Thanks guys again!! Happy growing guys!!

Darren Mcgowan

After a string of bad experiences shopping in similar stores around gloucester and surrounding areas catching bad deals and bad service, I feel really reassured using Greenlight products! Big juicy Organic tomatoes like I’ve never seen using the spiffing triffidf hyponova. fantastic advice from warm and friendly staff I feel I can trust. They’ve no hesitation in finding you the best deals and valuing you as a loyal customer. At Last!! 100% recommend! Best place I have found in Gloucestershire.

Laura Elms

Hi, I came to you with £450 to get a grow kit! I didn’t not know much what to buy as I’m a 1st time grower! You sorted me right out got a top quality Trojan tent a 1m sq x 2m high with metal poles a nice quiet 400w light, reflector & ballast with a nice vents tt 5″ fan with a rhino carbon filter and ducting! I have my air pots trays, my can of terra pro soil! I also have this feed which my plants love, they are amazing looking and very healthy it’s the organic brand called hypernova sniffing triffids range, smashing! And not only did I get all this but more impressive I got change! Great service and very helpful! Would recommend these folk to help your every need! Thanks again guys!

Karen Milroy